We are learning specialists . . .


. . . with decades of experience helping students of all ages. We start by assessing a broad range of learning abilities. Not only does this information provide answers for why a child is struggling. This thorough evaluation offers practical solutions for overcoming any weaknesses our testing may reveal.

Students don’t have to remain stuck in their current situation. Improved learning abilities can make all the difference in their lives. When learning abilities are improved, life, as well as school, becomes a more enjoyable experience.

These issues will not go away on their own. They require attention and intervention.



Provided in our offices in Surprise, AZ. A full assessment of 26 critical abilities needed for success in school. Parents are provided a comprehensive report of the results. An minimum one house conference is held with parents to review the results or the assessment and recommendations for how to provide development of weak abilities.


If you live in the Phoenix metro area, we provide educational therapy services at our offices in Surprise, AZ. Sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis according to schedules and budgets. Please understand, this service is not tutoring. It is designed to identify and remediate specific intellectual and learning abilities in children related to reading, arithmetic/math, memory and general academic performance.

This approach can be used not only for addressing weak abilities, but can also be used for enhancing strengths.


Our parent checklist can be completed online. From the information parents provide us about their children, we can understand what may be going on with children and provide suggestions for how to help them improve their learning and thinking abilities.


This program is in development at this point. It will be a subscription program that provides online access to our learning platform designed to improve weak abilities as identified by personal assessment or through our parent checklist.

Early beta versions of the learning platform will be available to parents who are interesting in having their children begin working on improving their intellectual and learning abilities.


As an alternative plan to direct or online services we can provide a home-based treatment program. This program includes recommended activities, materials and exercises designed to develop and enhance thinking and intellectual abilities in children based on personal assessment or our parent checklist.

What Makes Us Different?
Our Assessment and Intervention Procedures Are
Based on a Model of Human Intelligence Called the
Structure of Intellect

Human intelligence is not  fixed or immutable. When we target thinking abilities for development, the result is increased intelligence.

Developing thinking abilities builds pathways in the brain. These pathways don’t go away.

The model allows us to identify not only the areas that need improvement but where children’s strengths lie so we can support areas where they are strong, too.

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