. . . and we care about how children are being taught and what they are expected to learn. Today’s educational programs and systems are not meeting the needs of children or preparing them for the world they are going to have to live in. 

Today’s focus on testing and content does not serve children in any way. It does nothing to meet their developmental needs or to prepare them as life long learners. Mostly it not only ignores the needs of children but also what we know about the developing neurological system of children. 

Learning Lab Technologies is developing an online learning system that focuses on “thinking abilities” and developing the underling intellectual abilities that children need to be successful in not only academic settings but in all aspects of their lives. 

Our work is based on a model of human intelligence called the Structure of Intellect. This model provides us a road map for developing the intellectual abilities of children for success in school and life.

What Makes Us Different?
Our Work and Products Are
Based on a Model of Human Intelligence
Called the Structure of Intellect

Human intelligence is not fixed or immutable. When we target thinking abilities for development, the result is increased intelligence.

Developing thinking abilities builds pathways in the brain. These pathways don’t go away.

The model allows us to identify not only the areas that need improvement but where children’s strengths lie so we can support areas where they are strong, too.


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